Status before 7th Circuit

With Esther passing, we have now opened up an estate (Special Administration) and The Estate of Esther Hussey has been substituted as the party in interest for Esther in our ongoing litigation. If anyone who reads this blog knew Esther, it is clear she would be very happy the case continues on in her absence.

We have also alerted the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals of recent developments in Wisconsin law that we believe are very favorable to the employees, particularly a Court of Appeals case issued last Friday,Stoker vs. Milwaukee County which is right in line with our arguments before the 7th Circuit. Of course, the County is just balancing its budget on the backs of those who can least afford it. I will update the blog as soon as we know more. –Mike Ganzer


4 thoughts on “Status before 7th Circuit

  1. A long time since we have heard anything on this case. One possibly positive indication is a mailer sent out by the County Dept of Employee Benefits to retirees. It shows in a block chart that employees and retirees have the same copays. It graphically restates their argument. Nothing about health savings accounts or dental insurance, which we don’t get.

  2. As far as I am concerned, the longer the better. Since we argued before the 7th Circuit in April, there have been three Wisconsin cases handed down by the Wisconsin Court of Appeals–two of those decisions are favorable to our position, the third is not. Those decisions were sent to the 7th Circuit for further consideration. We continue to wait for the 7th Circuit opinion. I will update this site as soon as I have more information.–Mike Ganzer

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