Esther Hussey Passes Away

I sadly report that our lead plaintiff, Esther Hussey has passed away. Esther was a dogged fighter for fair treatment for Milwaukee County retirees. She wanted action and fast–often getting “on my case” when things were not done in a sufficiently expeditious fashion. She was a character who firmly believed in the cause of this lawsuit and in the welfare of Milwaukee County retirees in general. I will truly miss her. All retirees should be grateful for her many contributions to their cause and her determined leadership.

With Esther’s passing, the question is posed: how does this affect the case pending before the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals? We have made the appropriate filings with the Court to advise of Esther’s passing. That was followed by an Order issued today that requires that Esther’s next of kin be substituted for her in order to keep the case alive. I have had some contact with Esther’s daughters to see if they are willing to step into Esther’s shoes, as Esther’s beneficiaries, in order to keep the litigation alive. If they are willing to do so, the 7th Circuit can continue its work and issue its Decision. If they are not willing to do so, the case will be dismissed and we will start the case from scratch with a different plaintiff(s), assuming someone would be so inclined. I have until October 28th to get the approval of Esther’s daughters, open an estate (special administration) and to substitute them as the parties in interest.

I will keep you apprised. Please keep Esther and her family in your thoughts and prayers–she will be missed!