Decision is pending

We do not yet have a decision on the first and most crucial part of the case. We know the Court is working on a decision and we expect it will be forthcoming soon, though we cannot forecast when it will be delivered. We will post the decision here, one way or another, when it is received. I have heard from many of you regarding the 2013 County budget proposed changes that will cost you even more for your health care. We have been watching these developments closely and we understand your concerns. Funny, the elected officials promised these benefits to you in recompense for all the years of your service, but they continue to devalue your well earned benefits. I realize they are in a “budget crunch” but that crunch is of their own making. The County leaders, over the years, never planned for the future, choosing instead, a pay as you go approach. Since the County Executive and County Board refuse to raise taxes, they are taking the money now needed because of their historically poor decisions from you, the retirees. -Mike Ganzer