Final Briefs on Liability Filed

Attached are the final filings on the issue of liability–both our brief and that of Milwaukee County. The liability part of the case is now in the hands of Judge Callahan. I have received many calls in the past few weeks about case status. I cannot return all calls as there are too many–my apologies. I think we have made a strong case and I hope the Court concurs. –Mike Ganzer

County’s MSJ Reply Brief

Mtn for SJ reply


Milwaukee County has Responded

Here are the submissions of Milwaukee County in response to our Motion for Summary Judgment:

CountyBrief Opposing SJ
Levy Suppl Affidavit
Exhibit to Levy Suppl Affidavit

We have one final round of briefs to be filed on August 22nd. At that point the issue of liability will be in the hands of our assigned judge and we await a decision. We are optimistic about our chances of success but one never knows how a case will be decided until it is actually decided. We will post the briefs shortly after filing on August 22nd.

–Mike Ganzer

We have filed another Brief

Below are our filings in response to the County’s Motion for Summary Judgment. As you can see, we strongly believe the law supports our position including Wisconsin statutes, Wisconsin case law and the County’s own ordinances. The County’s filings will be posted shortly. The County’s argument is simple: When the County granted cost-free healthcare to employees and retirees in 1971, it promised to pay only premiums. However, in 1971there were no co-pays, deductibles or co-insurance and the County covered everything until 2006. The County claims, even though it gets to determine the amount of the premium, that it only has to pay the premium. Our submissions to the Court:

Opposition final brief
Joe opp aff
Joe opp ex a
MJG opp Aff
MJG opp Ex a
MJG opp Ex b
MJG opp Ex c
MJG opp Ex d
MJG opp Ex e
MJG opp Ex f