We are Preparing our Brief

We are in the process of preparing our brief and affidavits in the liability phase of the case. The Briefs and Affidavits are due from both sides on July 2, 2012. There will be responsive and reply briefs filed thereafter. We have been working very hard on this part of the case. The first phase is liability and relates only to the named plaintiff, Esther Hussey. If liability is found, then we move to phase two, class action status. The third phase is damages. Of course, we need to be successful in all three phases of the case for ultimate success. I think our July 2nd filings will be very interesting to retirees–especially as we trace the development of the retiree benefits. I hope to have it all linked up on July 2nd, shortly after they are filed. Our extensive research includes an exhaustive overview of the County’s ordinances which we believe are very helpful to our liability position. I am looking forward to continuing this battle!