Depositions are Underway

Today we took the first in a series of depostions. Our deponent was a budget policy analyst for the County Board. It seems like the case is boiling down to only a few issues. I believe the County’s position is now chrystalized: Milwaukee County says the only “promise” it made to retirees is to provide health insurance coverage without premium costs. The County believes it is living up to that promise. I say the County is getting its premium out of retirees through costs passsed on to the retirees in the form of co-pays, deductibles co-insurance etc. The greater cost passed on to the retirees, the “cheaper” the cost of the insurance provided. It seems a scam to me. If any retirees have any documents that may assist in stopping this practice–particularly any documents that describe what the County has promised to retirees with their health insurance costs, please send them here or drop them off. Thanks for all the interest and help!

Mike Ganzer

Hodan, Doster & Ganzer SC

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53217.