Lawyers Meet with Judge Callahan..Course of Case is Set

Today the lawyers met with Judge William Callahan to determine the course of events. I continued to press for an early hearing on our request for a temporary injunction. Counsel for Milwaukee County suggested a short discovery period followed by a hearing on the request for injunctive relief. Judge Callahan pushed both sides to an accommodation which is satisfactory to me.

The parties will engage in discovery through May 11, 2012. That means we will obtain documents and take depositions of key Milwaukee County employees and retirees on an accelerated schedule. Both sides will then file competing Motions for Summary Judgment.The initial filings are due June 4th with responsive briefs to be filed by each side thereafter. Judge Callahan will then have to determine the merits of the case. If we are successful, presumably, injunctive relief will be granted with monetary damages will be determined at a later date. Obviously, if we are unsuccessful, the case will be dismissed. Though the temporary injunction request will not be heard, it is expected that the entire case will be decided late this summer. I am pleased with this schedule since we will have a decision on the merits of the case in relatively short order.

Some retirees came to the hearing today and, having heard the discussion with the Judge, were in agreement with the plan and schedule. We will work as hard as we can to achieve success for all retirees.

I expect depositions will start in the next 2 weeks and I will keep you apprised of developments as we move forward –Mike Ganzer